Product review: Oxford Montreal 2 Adventure Suit

One of the beauties of travel is discovering name brands that don’t have strong U.S. presence. On a recent visit to Britain I chanced upon Oxford Products, a moto-gear name...

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Nolan N44 Crossover High-Visibility Helmet product review

It’s always nice to return home from travels to find a much-anticipated parcel outside your door. The one that awaited my return from a motorcycle tour in Cuba a year...

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Where should I tour by motorcycle in 2018?

A new year is just around the corner and as a motojournalist it’s time for me to plan my motorcycle tours for 2018 with a view to writing feature articles...

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World’s leading motorcycle touring company reveals risks of not riding in Cuba NOW!

Edelweiss Bike Travel, the world’s leading motorcycle touring company, has launched 8- and 11-day tours of Cuba for U.S. motorcycle riders beginning in March 2018, to be led by acclaimed...

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Motojournalist to lead motorcycle tours in Cuba for U.S. citizens

Great news! I’ve been invited to lead a series of group motorcycle tours of Cuba aimed at U.S. citizens for Edelweiss Bike Travel. In September I thrilled to a 9-day ‘Best...

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Welcome to my motojournalism blog!

Hi everyone, Welcome to my first blog post… and the launch of! I’ve been a full-time professional travel writer and photographer (and tour leader) now for more than 30...

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